Small Groups

Many young adults today have moved to new cities to pursue their careers, away from their family, friends, and parish. Most go to Mass at a new church and have no one to sit with and feel alone. We all crave and need community. Small groups are a way to build relationships and friendships with other young Catholics who are in similar places in life by getting to know others on a deeper level and be challenged to grow in their faith together. While it may be intimidating to join a group where you don’t know anyone, we ask that you commit to the group you sign up for for the whole semester (Spring: Jan-May; Summer: May-Aug; Fall: Aug-Dec) to get the most out of your group. Small groups are also great for those who are busy because they take very little time. Groups typically meet for about an hour and a half every other week.

For the Spring 2019 semester, we are offering one women’s group and one mixed group. Please sign up using the “Small Group Registration” form on this page.  Sign-ups will only be available from Dec 15-21, and spaces are very limited–it is first come, first served!

Small group meetings kickoff the week of Jan 12-18. This is when you’ll meet your leader and other group members and get more details about your group, so it is very important that you are there. You will receive an email from your group leader after you sign up with the location for your first meeting which will take place the following week. Please make sure you buy the book listed for your group.

Small group registration has closed for the Spring Semester.

Please come back to this page later to register for a small group in the Summer.

Women's Spring Group


I’m a cradle Catholic from central Kentucky who’s been living in Alabama for 10 years now. In high school, I was one of only two Catholics in my entire class of 180 students, which usually meant I was an explainer/defender of the faith to people who either knew nothing about Catholicism or who had heard terrible mistruths about the Church. I chose this book because, as an adult, I’ve discovered that along with teaching others about my faith, I can learn a lot about faith from people of other Protestant denominations. Plus, I think it’s extremely important for us Catholics to feel comfortable discussing our own faith stories when we’re called upon by others to be a defender or teacher. I live in Millbrook with my husband and our dog, Doug.


     • Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.; every other Wednesday, starting Jan 22nd. (Kickoff meeting Jan 15th)

     • Location: Kickoff: Panera on Carter Hill Road; Meetings: first at my house, then rotate locations


Filling Our Father’s House: What Converts Can Teach Us About Evangelization by Shaun A. McAfee

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Spring Semester Calendar


Registration Begins

Small group registration opens @ 2:00 PM


Registration Closes

Last day to register for a small group


Kickoff Week


Small Groups Begin!

First week of small group meetings.

MAY 3-9

Semester Ends

Last week of small group meetings.

Mixed Spring Group


We are new transplants to Alabama from the Midwest. Lifelong Catholics, we met at our university’s Newman Center and have been married for seven years. Joining the mixed group shortly after moving to Montgomery last year helped us adjust to life in a new community far from our families. Through the group, we have made good friends and truly enjoy the fellowship. We feel called to lead the group in order to share our passion for the church and spread that fellowship to others.


     • Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.; every other Thursday, starting Jan 23rd. (Kickoff meeting Jan 16th)

     • Location: First meeting location & other details will be emailed. All other meetings will be in Wetumpka.


The Second Greatest Story Ever Told by Fr. Michael Gaitley

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